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(Malin + Goetz) aren't a brand I'm overly familiar with, but when these three samples landed in my stash via a copy of Elle some time ago, I couldn't wait to get trying them. I've been giving them a whirl over the last few weeks, and thought I'd share some quick thoughts with you all today.

Vitamin E Face Moisturiser (full size: £36, Space NK)

Possibly my favourite of the trio, this moisturiser is a very light, sweet-smelling cream that really packs a punch in terms of hydration. It's suitable for all skin types, but for those with oily skin, less is certainly more! It also claims to have 'fatty acid absorption technology', although frankly, I'm not quite sure what that entails. Anyway, I've been massaging a tiny bit of this into my skin every night for the last few weeks and it's been doing wonders - I had a bit of a combo skin crisis recently, with dry patches popping up everywhere, but this had them gone in a flash. Fab!

Lip Moisturiser (full size, £10, Space NK)

This lip moisturiser is unlike any I've ever tried - for starters, it's a gel, that just glides onto the lips and can feel a little strange. However, it sinks in quite quickly and leaves the lips feeling hydrated and soft. Again, it has the whole 'fatty acid absorption technology' thing going on, as well as acting as a soothing treatment and a source of daily protection for the delicate skin on the lips.

Grapefruit Face Cleanser (full size: £25, Space NK)

This is the one I'm not so crazy about - it does smell awesome (like grapefruit, obviously) and has 'amino acid hydration technology' (again, what?), but for some reason, I can't quite seem to like it. It's like a very clear, light gel - you have to wet your face first, then apply some of this cleanser, gently massage it into a lather, and rinse. For some reason, my skin didn't feel totally clean afterwards, and things looked a little greasy the next morning, strangely. I will persist, however, and if things change, you can expect a more indepth review at some stage!

Bare in mind that this is just a little 'first impressions' post. If you've tried any of these, let me know your thoughts below, I love to hear them!

Ciara xo

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